A DDS is a doctor of dental surgery degree. MD is a medical doctor. The DDS is a dentist and MD is a physician.

Doctors and dentists are totally different in their line of work. Dentists deal with teeth only, while the doctor deals with every other part of the body. However, nutrition and hygiene is very important for both of their patients.

As for their training, it is similar, it takes four years to finish. Medical students spend their first two years in the classroom and the next two years in hospitals getting hands on education. Dental students spend their first two years studying in the classroom and then move onto advanced science, clinical and practice management the next two years. After graduation, both dentists and doctors have to pass exams given by their state before receiving their license to practice. Both of these are important in keeping us healthy.

Clear Lake Dental provides a broad range of general services, from a basic cleaning to implant surgery. Their goal is for all of their patients to leave with a sparkling smile.

There are so many people that have dental anxiety. It can make someone physically ill just thinking of going to the dentist, but Clear Lake Dental has the answer to that problem.

At Clear Lake Dental, they offer so many kinds of procedures, the whole family can be seen in this one office and you won’t have to leave for specialists, it’s all offered right there.

They offer orthodontics, so you don’t have to see another dentist if you need braces. They also help with TMJ, sleep apnea, sinus lifts, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, bone grafts, restorative dentistry, oral surgery and crowns.

Although they offer all of the special procedures, the most important is not to forget your regular cleaning exam every six months, so your normal x-ray can be done and you can stay on top of your dental needs. Then, hopefully you won’t need the other procedures.

Make an appointment with a Clear Lake Dentist for your check ups, and don’t forget that you should have regular check ups with your family doctor as well.

A doctor or M.D. practices medicine, this person promotes, maintains and restores health. Medicine is the science of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. They are physicians who work in clinics and hospitals treating sick and injured people. They order diagnostic tests, diagnose ailments and prescribe medication for the patient to feel better.

As you can see, a dentist and dr. are the same, as far as, taking care of people and their health. They are totally different, as far as, what parts of the body that they take care of. However, you should now understand the difference between DDS and M.D.

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